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Decolonizing Wild Roots Feral Futures
Wild Roots Feral Futures takes place on occupied/stolen indigenous territory, primarily of the Nuutsiu (occasionally spelled Nuciu or Nuchu, aka "Ute") people. In recognition of this truth and as a first step in addressing it, we seek to establish proactive working relationships with those whose stolen land we gather upon, and return the space we temporarily liberate to the centering and amplification of indigenous voices and struggles. Our understanding is that any community of resistance that doesn't center the voices of indigenous people and put their leadership in the forefront is a movement that is part of the problem.

HOWEVER, *how* to return such space and amplify such voices without engaging in tokenizing behavior remains problematic, as does (neo)colonial dynamics of further extracting yet more use value from indigenous communities by expecting and requesting their participation in such processes. 

We recognize that protocol varies from community to community and Nation to Nation, and we feel that a good first step on our part is to simply reach out and establish contact, as we are doing now.

Please feel free to call us out, send us feedback, reach out to us, offer your participation, etc., at

We will also be putting together a recommended reading & resource list (coming soon!), but until then, please check out the many amazing decolonization resources at Unsettling America. In particular, please check out these guidelines, many of which WRFF may be adopting as a matter of event policy. We also recommend the texts Heteropatriarchy & the Three Pillars of White Supremacy by Andrea Smith, and White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, by Peggy McIntosh, and request that aspiring event participants familiarize themselves with them.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Wild Roots Feral Futures 2014!

"The whole earth is in jail and we're plotting this incredible jailbreak."

6th Annual Direct Action, Eco-Defense, & Rewilding Encampment in the Wild Rockies of Southwest Colorado, June 14-22, 2014

(exact location to be determined)

Update: Fundraiser live!

Greetings from the occupied Nuchu (Ute) territories of Turtle Island, colonially known as the "American Southwest"!

We are very happy to announce that, for the 6th year running, the Wild Roots Feral Futures (WRFF) eco-defense, direct action, and rewilding encampment will take place in the forests of Southwest Colorado this coming June 14-22, 2014. WRFF is an informal, completely free and non-commercial, and loosely organized camp-out operating on (less than a) shoe-string budget, formed entirely off of donated, scavenged, or liberated supplies and sustained through 100% volunteer effort. Though we foster a collective communality and pool resources, we also encourage general self-sufficiency, which lightens the burden on communal supplies, and which we find to be the very source and foundation of true mutual sharing and abundance.

We would like to invite groups and individuals engaged in struggles against the destruction of the Earth (and indeed all interconnected forms of oppression) to join us and share your stories, lessons, skills, and whatever else you may have to offer. In this spirit we would like to reach out to frontline community members, local environmental groups, coalitions, and alliances everywhere, as well as more readily recognizable groups like Earth First!, Rising Tide North America, and others to come collaborate on the future of radical environmentalism and eco-defense in our bio-regions and beyond.

We would also like to reach out to groups like EF!, RTNA, and the Ruckus Society (as well as other groups and individuals) in search of trainers and workshop facilitators who are willing to dedicate themselves to attending Wild Roots Feral Futures and sharing their skills and knowledge (in a setting that lacks the financial infrastructure to compensate them as they may have come to expect from other, more well-funded groups and events). We are specifically seeking direct action, blockade, tri-pod, and tree climbing/sitting trainers (as well as gear/supplies).

Regarding the rewilding and ancestral earth skills component of WRFF, we would like to extend a similar invitation to folks with skills, knowledge, talent, or specialization in these areas to join us in the facilitation of workshops and skill shares such as fire making, shelter building, edible and medicinal plants, stalking awareness, tool & implement making, etc. We are also seeking folks with less "ancestral" outdoor survival skills such as orienteering and navigation, etc.

Daily camp life, along with workshops, skill shares, great food, friends, and music, will also include the volunteer labor necessary to camp maintenance. Please come prepared to pitch in and contribute to the workload, according to your abilities. We encourage folks who would like to plug in further to show up a few days before the official start of the event to begin set-up and stay a few days after the official end to help clean up.

Site scouting will continue until mid-May, at which point scouts and other organizers will rendezvous, report-back their scouting recon, and come to a consensus regarding a site location. We are also planning on choosing a secondary, back-up site location as a contingency plan for various potential scenarios. Email us for more info on getting involved with scouting and site selection processes.

WRFF is timed to take place before the Earth First! Round River Rendezvous, allowing eco-defenders to travel from one to the other. Thus we encourage the formation of a caravan from WRFF to the EF! RRR (caravans and ride shares can be coordinated through our message board at

We are currently accepting donations in the form of supplies and/or monetary contributions. Please email us for details.

Please forward this call widely, spread the word, and stay tuned for more updates!

For The Wild,

~The Wild Roots Feral Futures organizers' collective

Email: feralfutures(at)riseup(dot)net


Message Boards:


Mailing List/Discussion Group:

For the sake of comprehensiveness, we are including below our original call-out as used in years past, which is a living document, changing and evolving as we ourselves learn and grow:

We are looking for folks of all sorts to join us and help facilitate workshops, conflict resolution and management, direct action and medic trainings, wild food walks, and much more! We will be focusing on many things, including but by no means limited to anarchist theory and praxis, unpacking privilege, decolonization, rewilding, ancestral skills, indigenous solidarity, direct action, forest defense, earth liberation, animal liberation, security culture, civil disobedience, hand to hand combat, survival skills, evasion tactics, green anarchism, anti-civ, post-civ, star watching and navigation, maps and orienteering, shelter building, permaculture, and whatever YOU care to bring and provide. But we need everyone's help to make this as safe, positive, and productive a space as it can be. Our own knowledge, skills, and capacities are limited. We need YOUR help!

Roles we REALLY need filled:

• Kitchen! (last year's informal kitchen was supported by Durango Food Not Bombs and upheld communally by event participants, but this year we are once again reaching out to the likes of Seeds of Peace and Everybody's Kitchen in hopes they'll provide kitchen support this time around)

• Conflict transformation team (we need people of diverse gender/sexual orientations who know how to give support to survivors of sexual assault and to people with PTSD)*

• Medics! (especially WFRs, WEMTs, & EMTs of diverse gender/sexual orientations)

• Child care! (We will have a kids space and support parents in participating in communal child care)

*There is a need for both womyn (cis and trans), queer, genderqueer, gender-variant, gender-nonconforming and trans folk  (etc.) on both the Conflict Transformation and Medic teams because many people in our communities aren't going to trust men, cis people, or heteros with their health or to help with conflicts. We do not expect womyn (cis and trans), queer, genderqueer, gender-variant, gender-nonconforming and trans folk (etc.) to do the support work, but seek to create and maintain a safe and welcoming space that allows for plenty of room for it.

We at the Wild Roots Feral Futures organizers collective feel that white dominated spaces & racism within our communities are a significant problem, & feel the need to confront that. Due to the legacy of racism within our communities of resistance we will be holding workshops on white privilege, settler privilege, & cultural appropriation.

We also feel that cis-hetero, male dominated spaces and hetropatriarchy within our communities are equally problematic, and will also be holding workshops on patriarchy and (anti)sexism.

We would like to put out a request for workshops on white privilege, hetero privilege, cis privilege, and male privilege. We recognize that it's not the job of those of us oppressed by white supremacy and heteropatriarchy to facilitate those workshops. We don't expect oppressed people to attend, but you are welcome to. While it is not the responsibility or duty of queers, POC (People of Color), and other oppressed and marginalized people to assist white, cis-hetero, and privileged people unpack, deconstruct, and confront their own privilege, these processes will be open to all.

We intend to create clinic space with some privacy provided for patient care so that the bodies of trans people (and also cis womyn) aren't on display during vulnerable moments. We will also be implementing a safe(r) space policy to keep perpetrators of sexual/physical assault out of our community and support survivors by respecting any processes of accountability they initiate.

Womyn (cis and trans), queers, and trans folk have full support of the Wild Roots Feral Futures organizers collective to establish safer spaces for themselves, including spaces that are only for people who are oppressed by sexism, people who are queer, and people who are trans. We recognize the need for those spaces because no matter how much we work on our privilege, as recovering hetropatriarchists still in the process of mental and psychological decolonization and recovery, we're still going to be bringing heteropatriarchy into the space (hopefully unconsciously and unintentionally, which does little to change its effects).

We also intend to create family/child friendly space that includes multigenerational workshops and activities appropriate (and fun!) for kids.

Camp guidelines (in progress):

We seek to create safe(r), accountable space for all, including families and children, the sober, and those who identify as GLBTQI (etc.).

Please do not make assumptions about an individual’s gender, and if you feel unsure, do not be afraid to ask what someone’s gender pronoun is. If you use the incorrect gender pronoun, you will be corrected, but it is not something to be ashamed of. We have all been raised within a gender binary culture and breaking free of these false binaries is a process of learning and growing for all. It is also appropriate to introduce your gender pronoun when first introducing yourself to new people, if you feel the desire.


The WRFF organzers' collective recognizes the dynamics of accessibility and ableism as a form of societal oppression in our culture, and strive to select sites with maximum accessibility, considering the context of an event located in forest and wilderness areas. Due to natural circumstances and the lay of the land (rocky trails on steep hills, etc.), ableism and “disability” may hinder accessibility for some to the inner reaches of the gathering. This is a reality of the natural world that is beyond our ability or desire to alter or control. We will, however, make very effort to help folks of differing abilities get their gear into the woods. Please contact us or ask an event organizers if you or someone in your group needs assistance hauling gear. Together as a community we're able to do anything!

Security Culture

We expect everyone to observe good security culture. If you are unfamiliar with security culture, check out our security culture workshop(s), check the zine library for security culture literature, or just ask an event organizer for a basic overview. Basically, don’t talk about your or someone else’s involvement in illegal activity, and don’t make jokes, because even jokes can be used in court as evidence against you. Keep in mind that ANYONE could be an infiltrator or informant. While we must act accordingly, it is also important to not let this reality sow seeds of distrust and suspicion within our communities that leads to self-repressive restrictions on our ability to form and build relationships with one another as human beings and creatures of this Earth. Following good security culture allows us to interact and build relationships without placing ourselves in unnecessary and risky situations because of potential surveillance.


When it comes to physical intimacy and sexual contact, ASK FIRST! No Compromise In Defense of Consent!

For more on consent, attend our consent workshop(s) or inquire with event organizers.

Assault & Accountability

Violence, physical assault, emotional assault, and/or sexual assault will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances and anyone who engages in such assault will be asked to leave. In instances of assault we will trust and believe the survivor and respect any processes of accountability they initiate.

For more information on how our communities deal with assault and accountability, check out our Anti-Oppression Policy & conflict de-escalation/resolution workshop(s) or inquire with event organizers.

Conflict Transformation

In attempting to manifest the world we desire, we will pursue non-coercive means of conflict resolution and non-coercive processes of accountability. Decisions affecting the group will be made horizontally through the utilization of consensus process. If you are unfamiliar with consensus process, check out consensus workshops. A Conflict Transformation team will also be formed on the ground and in the woods. To get involved in the Conflict Transformation team, click here.

Help Out/Volunteer!

We seek to create a temporary autonomous zone which functions as an egalitarian community. In this spirit of cooperation and mutual aid, we request that people attending the gathering sign up for work shifts such as cooking meals, cleaning the kitchen and washing dishes after meals, digging latrines, doing supply/water runs, security & welcoming, etc. A shift sign-up sheet will circulate at communal meals.


We ask that people establish communal fires in the various neighborhoods within the gathering and refrain from making personal fires. Communal latrines will also be constructed in the various villages and we ask that people refrain from digging personal cat holes. This will minimize our overall impact on the land.

Substance Use Policy

Drugs and alcohol are discouraged, but a rowdy fire/area will be established, where we request the partying be restricted. NO illegal drugs, please. All other space, including celebratory and ceremonial space, should be considered sober space. Your personal space is, of course, your personal space, and you may do what you wish within it. Please respect others. For safety reasons, we request total sobriety when attending workshops and trainings. Unlike many similar gatherings, a space IS being designated for partying. This is more than you will find at most gatherings of this sort. So let’s have some fun! (See our new and expanded policy [below the Anti-Oppression policy] here.)


Dogs increase our impact on the land and local wildlife, and are thus discouraged, though we understand and accept the fact many human beings and their canine companions are inseparable, and they will undoubtedly remain a part of our rewilded and feral futures upon this planet. We request that if you bring your dog, you keep it on a leash. If your dog attacks wildlife, other dogs, or human beings, you will be asked to leave the gathering. Please bury your dog shit!

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. Also see the information from last year as much of it will remain applicable this year as well, though there are also many changes in store to make this year's gathering a much wilder experience than last year's. See you in the woods!

May the forest bewitch you,

—the Wild Roots Feral Futures organizers collective

Monday, July 15, 2013

Wild Roots Feral Futures 2013 Mix Tape!

"After a few weeks of work, this is the Feral Mixtape for 2013. We cannot thank enough the tireless effort of organizers of the event, all the people who participated in the mixtape, all of the people and animals who supported the idea, everyone who attended the gathering and everyone else we're forgetting. The tracks are credited as well as we could, although our tiny notebooks could never describe to an internet textbox how much fun we had and how many smiles there were." —Rooster and Chelsi July 2013

Friday, June 14, 2013

Utah Tar Sands Roadshow at WRFF 2013!


The Utah Tar Sands Roadshow is a listening project and educational presentation about the impact of tar sands extraction on people, water, and the land.  Tar sands development is one of the most destructive industries on earth--and a Canadian company is bringing it to Utah unless we rise up to stop it before it starts. 

Tar sands are geological deposits containing bitumen. In order recover oil, bitumen must be strip-mined, pulverized, chemically separated, and then extensively refined. This process requires enormous amounts of energy input and requires 1.5 - 3 barrels of water for every barrel of oil created. Utah is the second most arid state in the nation and tar sands extraction would tap already stressed watersheds.  The proposed mine lies in the Colorado River watershed, which 30 million people downstream rely on for agriculture and drinking water.

Tar sands mining also requires extensive refinery expansions in Salt Lake City, which will add to the already record level air pollution along the Wasatch Front.

An extractive project of this scale will irreversibly impact the remote and pristine Tavaputs Plateau in Eastern Utah.  Some claim there are 800 billion barrels of recoverable oil contained in this large formation. This would mean disaster for the climate as tar sands extraction releases roughly three times more greenhouse gases per barrel than conventional oil. 

The Utah Tar Sands Roadshow will journey around the region weaving together stories of resistance and resilience in the face of tar sands and other forms of extreme energy extraction. Our collection of interviews and conversations will be constantly updated on our website and compiled into a production to help educate people on the impacts of tar sands mining in the United States and the world.

More information:

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WRFF 2012 POC Fish-Bowl Report-Back

Thoughts in Race, Identity & Solidarity

By Sabitaj Mahal, Earth First! Journal

Wild Roots Feral Futures (WRFF) is a re-wilding, skill-share, and eco-defense camp annually held in the woods of Colorado. WRFF calls for folks who can share basic skills to survive in the wild— fire making, shelter building, plant identification—but also people oriented to anarchist praxis, unpacking privilege, and decolonization. When I went to WRFF last summer, I found that the camp more focused in hands-on skills—exactly what I was looking for. As for anarchist theory and unpacking privilege, discussions were difficult, and as a woman of color, I found myself facilitating one of the most tense discussions of race with white people that I’ve ever experienced.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Updates, final call for workshops, etc.

Once again, the time for Wild Roots Feral Futures is almost here! We just wanted to throw out a few updates & reminders, so here goes...

Important posts:

Ride share!
Street Medic/ine Training
Street Medic/ine Training Registration
Decolonizing Wild Roots Feral Futures
Initial WRFF 2013 call/announcement

Site location, seed camp, etc.

The site location for Wild Roots Feral Futures will be announced on the coming New Moon, on Saturday June 8th at the latest, so stay tuned! At that point, seed camp (set-up) technically begins, and folks are welcome to head out to the site and start setting up. Wanna dig latrines? There's lots of work to be done! Local organizers will be on site to help facilitate. There is minimal support housing in Durango, as well as many local camping spots, so please email us if you are arriving early and need assistance.


The WRFF organizers' collective recognizes the dynamics of accessibility and ableism as a form of societal oppression in our culture, and strive to select sites with maximum accessibility, considering the context of an event located in forest and wilderness areas. Due to natural circumstances and the lay of the land (rocky trails on steep hills, etc.), ableism and “disability” may hinder accessibility for some to the inner reaches of the gathering. This is a reality of the natural world that is beyond our ability or desire to alter or control. We will, however, make very effort to help folks of differing abilities get their gear and themselves into the woods. Please contact us or ask an event organizers if you or someone in your group needs assistance hauling gear, etc. Together as a community we're able to do anything!

Workshops, skill shares, activities, etc.

We would like to issue one final call for workshops, skill shares, presentations, discussions, etc. If you have a workshop you would like listed ahead of time, please email us or post on our forums. We are particularly requesting trainings in direct action, blockades, etc. Other planned activities include tree climb trainings, discussions on patriarchy & consent, blacksmithing, plant walks, wild food & medicine foraging, tactical war games (capture the flag, etc.) star gazing, direct action trainings, earth skills trainings, a street/action medic/ine training, a reading group on critiques of anarchist accountability processes, writing letters to political prisoners, a radical puppet show, hiking, swimming, yoga, and much more!

Musicians, bands, etc.

WRFF 2013 is seeking acoustic musicians, performing artists, storytellers, etc., to join us and share your muse! If you have an act, band, or musical performance you would like listed ahead of time, please email us or post on our forums.


Once again, Durango Food Not Bombs will be facilitating WRFF's free communal kitchen. We are requesting support from other FNB chapters & revolutionary food networks, and are asking WRFF participants to bring any donations of food, herbs, spices, coffee, tea, sweeteners, etc., as well as kitchen gear (large pots & pans, spatulas, ladles, etc.). Got something you'd like to see served at the kitchen in the woods? Let's make it happen! We'll be collecting monetary donations throughout the event for food runs to town. Please dumpster on your way here, and contact us for local dumpster diving tips! Also, please let the kitchen know about any food restrictions, allergies, etc.


We have an amazing medic team forming, and are requesting WRFF participants bring first aid supplies, to be donated to the medic clinic/team. Please also check in with the medic team about any medical conditions we should be aware of.

Welcoming & Guard/Security 

For everyone's safety, we will be forming stationary and roving voluntary guard details, working in 3 or 4 hour shifts (which we'll decide together on the ground, in the woods), 24 hours a day. The entrance guard/security station near the parking area will also serve as a welcoming center for incoming participants. Please bring radios, scanners, batteries, flashlights, etc. to be utilized by the security team.

Distro Center, Really Really Free Market, etc.

Although WRFF is completely free and non-commercial, we encourage folks to bring along their distros, as a means of internal movement fundraising and mutual aid. We will also be creating a zine library (stuff to take) and lending library (stuff to borrow & return), so please bring along relevant literature & books (and be sure to mark lending library items for later reclaiming). In addition, we will be creating a Really Really Free Market ("free box" or "free store" area) with extra clothing, gear, and other items for free exchange. These will likely be located in close proximity of one another, near the entrance welcoming center.

Gear & Supplies

Other than first aid & kitchen supplies, we're seeking donations of infrastructural supplies such as extra ropes, tarps, tents, easy-ups, water jugs, water filtration systems, stoves, etc. For an expanded supplies list, see this year's initial announcement.

More information regarding safer space & accountability, conflict resolution and management, consent, security culture, etc. can be found in the initial call-out.

Well, that's it for now. We don't know about you, but we're getting really excited! It's time to get off the computer, and into the wildwood!

If you have any other questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us or post on our forums. We can also be found on fedbook.

May the Forest Bewitch You,

The Wild Roots Feral Futures organizers' collective

(PS - Don't forget the post-WRFF caravan to the Earth First! Round River Rendezvous!)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Decolonizing Wild Roots Feral Futures

Wild Roots Feral Futures, as an event, takes place on stolen indigenous land. In recognition of this truth, we would like to build relationships with those whose occupied land Wild Roots Feral Futures 2013 occurs on. In this spirit, we would like to reach out to indigenous communities in our area to establish direct lines of communication and extend an invitation to join us at the event in June. We recognize that protocol varies from community to community and Nation to Nation, and we feel that a good first step on our part is to simply reach out and establish contact, as we are doing now. Although we do not expect to have our hands held for us, any contacts and/or guidance regarding specific appropriate protocol would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Feel free to contact us at

For background reading on decolonization, please visit Unsettling America, particularly the Allyship & Solidarity Guidelines, as well as critical texts regarding cultural appropriation, including Wanting To Be Indian and Cultural Appreciation or Cultural Appropriation?

Wild Roots Feral Futures would also like to invite folks, indigenous & settler alike, to join us at WRFF 2013 to host and/or facilitate workshops, discussions, etc. regarding the theory & praxis of decolonization, and to work towards the formation of relationships of solidarity and allyship against all forms of domination. Settlers must not expect to have their status and privilege as settlers deconstructed for them, but we believe mutual dialogue to be foundational to true decolonization, which must listen to indigenous voices.

Here is one decolonization workshop scheduled thus-far: 

Batzarre: Decolonization and Awakening the Indigenous Self
Tentative Date: Begins evening of Tuesday June 18th. Picks up again in the morning of Wed. June 19th until supper. (open to suggestions to increase participation)

Beyond decolonization work in anti-oppression and academic settings lies “oiher” – the dangerous, crooked, but rewarding path of reawakening our selves and reclaiming our Indigenous cultures – particularly for people of European heritage. You are invited to join this day long mini-gathering that will explore finding our ancestors and our lost sense of place, how to know our relatives and lifeway again, and most critically – the liberating process of healing our hearts and spirits so that we may find our way back to our Indigenous selves. These are powerful understandings taught using story, discussion, experiential learning, and other tools, that has the power to disturb and change your life.

Nire izena Ana Oian Amets da, esan english Naomi Archer. I’ve been decolonizing for over 13 years– reawakening connection to my proto-Basque ancestors of the area we call southwest France. I’ve been invited to share my experiences of decolonization with people from all Four Directions, including Indigenous people of Turtle Island, as well as in Europe. I’m fully immersed in Indigenous resistance struggles as an adopted and active member of the traditional Cante Tenza Okolakiciye or Lakota Strong Heart Warrior Society, coordinator for the Lakota Solidarity Project, and former co-founder of the Four Directions Solidarity Network. You can see some of my current work at I can be reached at or 828-230-1404