Friday, May 25, 2012

Call for Musicians & Performing Artists

In the past, Wild Roots Feral Futures has featured some amazing musicians and performing artists from with a wide variety of skills and talents, and would like to make a special appeal this year for even more to join us to share their muse.

If you are a performing artists, traveling troupe, or band and would like to commit to formal or informal performances at this year's Wild Roots Feral Futures, please email, or just show up in the woods and do your thing!

This year, one musician who will be present and informally playing when the desire strikes is Bobby Whittenburg-James:

Last year, and with any luck again this year, we were graced by the presence and musical riotousness of holy!holy!holy!:

So, if you'd like to perform for us, let us know or just c'mon out! See you in the woods!

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