Friday, June 15, 2012

Seed Camp Report-Back

Seed campers here, reporting back from set-up. There are just a few things we wanted to make a note of for everyone.

First off, the mileage previously listed was underestimated. Whereas Vallecito proper is located about 20 miles from Durango, after driving around the lake and up the dirt road, the trailhead is more like 33 miles from Durango, give or take a mile or two (depending where in Durango you begin counting).

When you leave Durango, you will likely be greeted by a large sign proclaiming the extremely high fire danger. You will also be driving through burnt timber from the 2002 Missionary Ridge fire. Due to other fires in the Southwest, you may also experience smoky skies. Don't worry! Though fire danger is indeed very high, we are taking every precaution to be safe and aware with our cooking and social fires, and are closely monitoring local wildfire conditions. We are asking that folx refrain from making personal fires at their camps and enjoy the main communal fires at the base camp. Thanks!

We also want to once again encourage everyone, due to the hike, to make multiple trips and request help if you need it. We recommend a first load consisting solely of sleeping gear, enough warm clothing, enough food to last for a day, and whatever other minor items you might want to bring along. Other supplies, tools, food, gear, etc. can be hauled in during subsequent trips. Don't over-burden yourself! There's no need to carry everything in one trip. If you see other feral folx, see if they need any help hauling anything!

And as always, STAY HYDRATED!!!

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